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Lawn & Garden

Premium Pro Fine - Lawn & Garden

Premium Gro Fine

Knox Fertilizer products lead the lawn & garden plant food industry in consistent performance, quality and reliability. Whether beginning new landscaping, or revitalizing and freshening existing gardens, flowers, or lawns, Knox Fertilizer has got your plants covered for all seasons.

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Economy Twin Pine - Lawn & Garden

Economy Twin Pine

Twin Pine All Purpose Fertilizers are designed for use on flowers, gardens, trees, shrubs, and lawns. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Premium Twin Pine

Premium Twin Pine

Nutrient rich fertilizer for use on Lawns, Trees, Shrubs, Flower beds, Roses & Gardens.

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Schultz Plant Food - Lawn & Garden

Schultz Plant Food

Mother Nature feeds plants every time it rains, dissolving nutrients and distributing them evenly to all plants in your yard and garden. You can do the same every time you water, feeding with plant food.

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Ice Control

Remove Ice Control - Consumer Ice Control

Premium Remove Ice Control

Premium Ice Melt blend that is specially formulated to melt faster and longer than its competitors. Quickly penetrates ice and continues to work effectively at below zero temperatures.

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Knox Ice Melter - Consumer Ice Control

Economy Knox Ice Melter

Blended to de-ice sidewalks, steps, driveways, and parking lots. Safe to use – leaves no messy residue. Cost efficient and value priced.

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