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SurfCote Fertilizers - Golf Turf

SurfCote Fertilizers

SurfCote has the most advanced controlled release fertilizer technology-an innovative and proprietary polymer resin encapsulation with a sustained release. Each fertilizer granule is encased in a durable micro thin shell that allows soil moisture to gradually diffuse into the granule, dissolving the urea fertilizer. Rising temperatures liquefy the urea, which remains encapsulated, then slowly and consistently passes through the polymer to meet the ongoing nutrient demands of your turf.

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Fertilizers - Golf Turf


Shaw’s has always been our premium line of fertilizers for quality lawn and professional turf care products. Our Shaw’s Brand contains the controlled-release technology of XRT® or SurfCote® which extends nutrient release by up to 90 days, keeping turf and other crops healthy, lush, and green all-season long. With XRT and SurfCote, plants consistently receive the nutrients they need, when they need them, saving you time and money on multiple applications.

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Herbicides - Golf Turf



Our premium line of fertilizers contains the best branded active ingredients to help you control your Pre-emergent weed problems.

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Insecticides - Golf Turf


Our insecticide combination fertilizers have sufficient residual activity so that applications can be made preceding egg laying activity of the target pests. See all spec sheets to target specific pests and the timing of the application.

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Herbicide / Insecticides Combo - Golf Turf

Herbicide / Insecticides Combo One & Done

Our best controlled release nitrogen technology coupled with Acelepryn and Dimension to control insects and crabgrass all season long. Shaw’s has brought this innovation to the professional turf market to reduce the number of times turf managers need to apply products which ultimately saves time, money and wear and tear on equipment. If it doesn’t say One & Done®, it’s not Shaw’s.

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Platinum Fertilizers - Golf Turf


Platinum Fertilizers Platinum

Micronized, dust-free pellets with patented technology that provides season-long release which delivers more usable nitrogen to your turf. Each uniform pellet contains the complete range of essential plant nutrients that are released slowly and consistently for an entire season, keeping greens, tees, and fairways healthy and vigorous without risk of overconsumption or environmental issues.

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Shaw’s Nutritional Liquids - General Turf

Shaw’s Nutritional Liquids line-up offers a selection of many traditionally utilized liquid fertilizers as well as our own proprietary liquid solutions. Shaw’s Nutritional Liquids offer the quality customers have come to expect from Knox Fertilizer at competitive price points.

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