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Gro-Gard is a proprietary blend of two bioactive amino acids and cofactors that activates two key plant amino acids that help regulate nutrient uptake and movement within the plant. With greater nutrient availability, plants can achieve their full genetic potential for growth and vigor. With Gro-Gard, roots grow deeper and with greater mass, delivering a healthier, lusher and greener course all season long. Your turf is protected, even during the peak golf season, because nutrient delivery is enhanced during the entire season.


Micronized, dust-free pellets with patented technology that provides consistent, season-long release are at the heart of Platinum’s success in delivering more usable nitrogen to your turf. Each uniform pellet contains the complete range of essential plant nutrients that are released slowly and consistently for an entire season, keeping greens, tees and fairways healthy and vigorous without risk of overconsumption or environmental issues.