What is the spreader setting for?

Why don’t you list settings for my consumer spreader?

Knox Professional Fertilizers are designed for commercial spreaders and the rates vary by pounds of Nitrogen put down and the duration of feed – up to 9 months. It is difficult to list all of the ever changing consumer level spreaders/rates.

If I have granular fertilizer product left over from this year – is it still effective next year?

Yes, if kept in a cool, dry place – our fertilizer products will be effective for several years.

I own a Lawn Care Company and want to buy direct.

Knox Fertilizer supports a robust distributor network nationwide. They have the knowledge and expertise and are trained on our products to help you get maximum results.

When should I apply my Crabgrass control or Weed and Feed (broadleaf) fertilizers?

Check out your local county extension as products vary in application times by Growing Degree Days – for example in the Midwest the MSU GDD Tacker provides great application information.

I need a custom blended product.

Knox produces a wide ranged of custom blended products with low minimum 4 ton orders.

My crabgrass control did not kill the crabgrass that was in my yard early season in March and April?

Since Crabgrass is an annual plant – it dies and comes back every year in areas. Many weeds might look like crabgrass but will not be established in your lawn early season.

How long will XRT or Surfcote product last?

XRT provides a 90 day feed. A higher percentage in the blend will produce more consistent results. Both XRT and Surfcote are available as 100% control release products.

Do I need to water in my Weed and Feed?

NO – Broadleaf Weed killers work best when weeds are ACTIVELY growing and the surface is damp from dew or watering – allowing the particles to “stick” to leaf surface for 24+ hours.

What is SGN?

SGN stands for Size Guide Number. SGN refers to the diameter of the fertilizer prill – i.e. average diameter in millimeters X 100.

What is a Fairway or Mini Fertilizer?

Knox produces a range of SGN’s for various applications. Popular sizes are 90 Greens Grade, 150 Mini/Fairway Grade, and our Standard 230 SGN.

What about my pets?

Please read and follow the EPA label by specific product – generally people and pets can reenter treated areas once dry.

Is it too late to apply a certain combination fertilizer and weed/insect control product?

Knox recommends you refer to your local extension or university to determine best application times by product – as weather can vary greatly by year.

What do I do if my product didn’t perform to my expectations?

Please send name, address, date applied, along with copy of receipt, UPC and picture of bag, and photo with explanation of issue to: info@shikikura.net.

Should I water in my Viper Weed and Feed Fertilizer?

NO – Shaw’s Viper Weed Control Fertilizer should be applied to a DAMP lawn (from dew or sprinkling) and should not be disturbed for 48 hours after application (watering or mowing) for BEST results.

Why aren’t there listings for lawns on my 10-10-10, 12-12-12 product?

Many states have phosphorus restrictions that prevent application of these products for lawns – please use GroFine phosphorus-free lawn fertilizers.